Category: Lamb & Goat

Smoked Maple – Peppered Lamb Ribs

Ingredient List: 2–6 — Denver Style Lamb  Spareribs 1–2 Tbsp — Rub per slab Maple Pepper w/Garlic 1 bottle — Smokey Red Jalapeno Jelly / melted 1 Tbsp per slab — Martinelli’s Pure Apple Juice 4–6 Chunks — Maple Wood Instruction: Take well chilled Ribs and Trim off any excess fat coat, and remove the membrane from the bone side. Coat the ribs with Apple…


Lamb Shoulder Chop Grilled & Glazed

Ingredient List: 4–8 3/4–1″ thick — Lamb Shoulder Chop Urban Accents Luscious Lamb Rub Aunt Sally’s Bourbon St. Glaze Grape Seed Oil Instruction: Coat the chops with a light spray of grape seed oil and Medium coat of Luscious Lamb seasoning. Preheat griddle on high heat (2–3 second hand hold). Sear the chops 1–3 minutes…


Grill – Smoked & Braised Lamb Shank

Ingredient List: 4–6 — Hen House Cert. Fresh Amer. Lamb Shank — 2″ Bone In Sections 2–3 Tbsp — Old World Mediterranean Seasoning 1 bunch — Green onions, sliced, ¼″ thick 1 large — white onion quartered and slice ½″ thick 1 — Romaine Hearts, slice ¼″ thick 2 — Egg Yolks 1 — Lemon Juiced using the Citrus Squeezer 1 jar — Candoni Pesto Classicoi Top @ serving as desired…


American Certified Lamb Rack Smoked, Grilled & Glazed

Ingredient List: 1–3 — Nice 8 bone — Am. Cert. Domestic Lamb Rack Urban Accents Luscious Lamb Rub Lesley Elizabeth Pomegranate Finishing Sauce Grape Seed Oil Cherry Wood Chunks Instruction: Cut the meat and fat off 1–2″ of the outer bones (Frenching), then score the fat cap in a 1″ diamond pattern. Coat the rack(s) with a…


Smoked & Grill Roasted Cabrito

Ingredient List: 1 — Young Goat Leg — Bone In 1 box — Achiote Mixed as directed 1 batch — Yogurt Dipping Sauce 1 batch — Wham — Butter Basting Sauce 4–6 — Chunks, Cherry Wood 1 set — Bear Paws Instruction: Take the rinsed Goat Leg and coat it on all sides with the Achiote as directed, the flavor intensifies the longer it rests. Wrap it in…