Prawn, Brined & Grilled/Garlic-Peppered

Prawn, Brined & Grilled/Garlic-Peppered

Ingredient List:

1–2 lbs — Cut Above American Tiger Prawn / Peeled and Deveined

4–8 Tsp — All the Peppers Oil

1 pkg — Pepper Creek Seafood Brining Spice / mixed as directed!

4–8 Tbsp — Elbee’s Chili Lime — Garlic Seasoning & Rub

½–1 cup — Fat Bastard Red Dragon Fire Saus

1 ea — Charcoal Companion SS Flexible Grill Basket and Vacuvin


In the Vacuvin mix the Seafood Brining Spice as directed. Place each piece of well chilled Tiger Prawn into the brine mixture, place the lid on the Vacuvin and pull a vacuum. Since the brine actually starts to cook the meat, this is done immediately before cooking, so set the Vacuvin aside at room temperature for about an hour. Prepare your grill and any other dishes at this time.

Remove the Tiger Prawn from the brine, and pat each piece dry with paper towels. Coat the Tiger Prawn lightly with Pepper Oil and then a light to medium coat of the Chili Lime — Garlic Seasoning, on all sides.

Preheat the grill to high heat (2–3 second hand hold), and on the griddle set the Tiger Prawn to lock and seal, thereby trapping the moisture inside each piece. Sear each side on high direct heat for ~ 1 to 2 minutes, until the tail shell turns pink. Baste each side with the Red Dragon Fire Saus. Then set the meat into a medium low heat zone (4–6 second hand hold) for ~ 2 to 3 minutes, until meat has an internal meat temp of at least 145°…. Pull the Tiger Prawn to rest and then serve immediately.