Fireplace Repair and Service in Kansas City

At this time, we are only working on fireplaces that were purchased at Smoke ‘n’ Fire.

Let our trained staff at Smoke ‘n’ Fire repair or replace your fireplace

Our trained staff can install fireplaces as well as diagnose and perform repairs and tune-ups on nearly any unit.

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We have a vast inventory of fireplaces. Fireplaces add beauty, comfort and ambiance; as an extra benefit, they can increase energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills by 20 to 40 percent. Today’s  fireplaces and stoves are easy to use and require little maintenance.

The National Association of Realtors reports that fireplaces and other hearth products makes a home more attractive to prospective buyers and can increase the value by 12%.

With today’s multiple venting options, a fireplace, stove or log set can be installed almost anywhere in the home, even in non-traditional locations such as the kitchen, home office, master bedroom or bathroom.

Insert or fireplace? You have options

An insert is an appliance that is placed inside a brick fireplace and can use gas or wood.

A vent-free, gas fireplace is an inexpensive option that recirculates the warm air in your room.

Buyers have the option to purchase the basics and they can make it whatever they want – direct vent, wood burning, built in gas fireplaces, gas logs, electric inserts etc.

Our Fireplace Manufacturers:

Magestic, Jotul, Vaolr, Woodhaven, Aspen, Dimplex, Harman, Mendota, Valcourt, Vermont

Fireplace Replacement

Fireplace replacement is often the only choice you will have when your prefabricated or outdated fireplace has outlived its ability to provide reliable performance and safety. Unfortunately, many older prefabricated fireplaces do not have replacement parts available and some older fireplaces lack the ability to be repaired due to their design.

Fireplaces to heat your home

A fireplace adds both a decorative touch to a room as well as warmth and comfort. Make sure that your fireplace remains safe and efficient. We recommend having a professional look at your fireplace once every year for routine maintenance.